If disaster strikes your cherished photographs – whether it be in the form of flood, fire, accident, ultraviolet rays or Fido has it for lunch – there is hope. Lets us rebuild a digital copy of your damaged photos. The final image will be returned to you via private online gallery, email or flash drive as a high resolution file ready to be printed by your local photo shop or online service. That means it will last a lifetime – probably even longer than the original.

Every retouching job is different and must be individually quoted. Contact us with the details of your photos including the number of photographs, condition, specific requests and several photos of your photosgraphs you’d like us to restore. We will evaluate it and quote the cost of your restoration based on the extent of the damage. Depending on condition quotes can be from $5 per photograph to $20 and up. You are under no obligation until you accept our quoted price and will know your total photo restoration cost before work begins.

Services Include:

  • Restoration of minor or severely damaged photographs

  • Repair of Faded Photographs

  • Stain removal

  • Color correction

  • Sun damaged photos

  • Repair of torn and cracked photos

  • Recreating missing pieces

  • Scanning and repair of damaged documents

  • Repair of water damaged photos

  • Photo Enhancement

  • Color correction

  • Adding text to the photo

  • If you don’t see your situation on this list…contact us